For many people today if you mention the word salvation they think; forgiveness of sin. While this is certainly part of it — it is only part of the salvation package. There is much more. Jesus did not do things half way. When He provided salvation, He provided it for the spirit, soul and body, He left nothing out.  The forgiveness of sins is of course, the greatest miracle of all. If that was the complete salvation package it would certainly be enough…but He didn’t stop there.

Jesus said in Luke 9:56; for the Son of Man did not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them.   This word ‘save’ is sozo. It refers specifically to the forgiveness of sins, the healing of all disease and deliverance from torment. This is salvation; Jesus made provision for the whole person, spirit, soul and body.

For the spirit, He provided forgiveness of sins. For the soul, He provided deliverance from torment. For the body, He provided healing from disease. Salvation is meant to touch the whole person – what kind of salvation would it be if you were free from sin but tormented in your mind for the rest of your life? Or what kind of peace would you have if you were free from sin but sick in body all your life? There would be no peace in that.

Remember the man who was healed at the Gate Beautiful? The word of God says that he walked, leaped and praised God. He was touched in every area with salvation; He walked because he was physically healed. He leaped because he was healed in his emotions — his soul. He praised God because he was healed spiritually.

Jesus came to set us free; spirit, soul and body. Don’t settle for just one part of the salvation package; instead press in for the entire package.  Matthew 6:13 says; Deliver us from evil. This word ‘evil’ represents the entire curse of sin upon man. Poneros is the Greek word for evil; it comes from the root word, ponos, which means pain. That word comes from the root word penes, which means poor. This scripture as well as the scripture in Luke 9:56 give us insight into what Jesus did at the cross. He delivered us spirit, soul and body as we discussed earlier. According to Matthew 6:13, He delivered us from evil.  He delivered us from evil, pain, and poverty – are you partaking of your complete package of salvation?

We have a God-given, Jesus-purchased right to be free from sin, sickness and torment. It is time we take what belongs to us. We have a God-given, Jesus-purchased right to be free from pain and poverty, or lack – isn’t it time we stopped accepting pain and lack? I do believe it is!

The same salvation that wiped out sin also wiped out torment and sickness and lack and pain….take your full package today by faith and begin to walk in it. Salvation is YOURS and there is nothing incomplete about it. Jesus came to set the captive free – that’s YOU! He came to set you free from all these things – are you ready to be free? Completely free, not just from sin but also from lack, pain, disease, and torment? It’s time… Experience His Freedom.

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  1. Dani says:

    that is so true, and beautifully written!


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